The official Lego November 2014 Calendar is out. Here are the promotions and events a the official Lego stores both online and retail:

November 1 - December 31: With purchase of $75 or more, while supplies last, get a 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar. Apparently, there are some exclusive offers inside, though we are not privy to what those offers entail at this time.


November 4: Mini Build Tuesday is the first Tuesday of every month at the LEGO Store. For whatever reason, this isn't listed on the calendar, but we have confirmed with our store that the build is scheduled as normal. Rocket (40104) will be available on a first come first serve basis to children 6-14 years old.

November 21: LEGO will announce the availability dates for the new UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) Slave I (75060) I'm guessing it will be just in time for Brick Friday.

November 22: Some sort of special holiday offers for LEGO VIP Members. There is some possibility that Slave I will be available on this day as part of the VIP Early Access program, but we do not have conformation on that.


November 28 - November 30: Brick Friday specials, which we don't yet know details about, but if years past are any indication there will be a free gift or two with purchase. This will most certainly be the part two of the Exclusive Holiday Sets, of which 1 0f 2 Elves' Workshop (40106) is available starting October 1st. I'll be up at the crack of dawn for the only Black Friday shopping I will take part in.


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