Dealzmodo: $79 17-inch LCD Monitor

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Yesterday, we highlighted a hell of a deal on a basic PC, and today I think we have the perfect monitor to go along with that machine. This 17-inch LCD is manufactured by GEM, which I have never heard of before, but they can't be that bad. It is $188 out-the-door and includes a $109 mail-in-rebate that is good through September 15. This probably won't be the best quality LCD out there, but it could be great for DIY project or even as gifts for loved ones.


Product Page [eCost]

Update: The commenters have spoken. Apparently eCost isn't so hot when it comes to rebates, and this deal thrives on rebates. So check out the comments and take this deal with a grain of salt.



My humble recommendation for future Dealzmodo's is to base a 'deal' on the assumption that no rebate will be coming. If it is not a 'deal' before the rebate, then it is not a deal.