Dealzmodo: BlackBerry Bold Free at Walmart With Rebates

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This bizarro-land Walmart, home to great deals on legit, geekworthy gadgets, continues undercutting more upstanding merchants. The BlackBerry Bold—$199-$299 everywhere else—is free at Walmart with the correct voodoo combination of plans and rebates. They're billing it as the "BlackBerry Bold unlimited" so you have to pick up at least a 1350 minute talk plan (single or family) and unlimited text messaging, on top the required BlackBerry data plan. The rebate you get makes the Bold $0. It's a solid deal if you talk or text that much anyway. [Walmart via Gear Diary]


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Looked at the plans, and for unlimited texting and that many minutes with rollover, that's not too shabby. All things considered, I'd rather deal with verizon than AT&T if I were to get something like this, though that rebate with the contract is nice.