Dealzmodo: Free iPod Touch With Purchase of $325,000 Ferrari

Illustration for article titled Dealzmodo: Free iPod Touch With Purchase of $325,000 Ferrari

Ferrari's limited-edition 510-horsepower 16M convertible comes packaged with a limited-edition iPod touch of its own. The touch is loaded with Ferrari-related videos and music as well as, bizarrely, Ferrari engine noises.


The iPod touch is only a 16GB model, presumably because the convertible's name is the 16M and not because a bump to the 32GB would have broken the bank. But if you want to listen to a digital Ferrari engine in your real Ferrari on a Ferrari-branded iPod, you better jump on it quick: Only 499 are being made, and each is likely to cost $325,000. [Thanks, Noah!]

Extra note: Al & Ed's have been doing these custom installations for a few years now, and note that it's strange that Ferrari doesn't support an iPhone instead. That way you can have a GPS actually in your dash. They also claim that the price is $325k, not $225k.


Okay boys, there are only 497 left now because I decided I needed two - because the sweet sound of Ferrari goodness only works with their sweet touch next to each ear.

Seriously, why? If you are driving around in a Ferrari and the person in the passenger seat interrupts the sound of that engine with as little as a burp I would be pissed.