Illustration for article titled Dealzmodo: Gameflys Trade-In Program is Actually Pretty Good

I was just invited to the beta of the GameFly Trade-In Program because I've been a customer for a while, and the whole thing seems like a brilliant idea. You can apply credit toward your monthly payments only (used games would have been nice), and the prices they offer are actually pretty great compared to what you'd get at GameStop.


BioShock: $23.00
Call of Duty 4: $23.00
Halo 3: $23.00
Lost Odyssey: $31.62
Kingdom Under Fire: $28.75
Rainbow Six Vegas 2: $31.62

The only downsides are that you can only get money off your subscription and you have to pack and ship your own games, but other than that it seems like a good deal if you can get a beta invite. [Gamefly]

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