Dealzmodo: Garmin StreetPilot c320 GPS, $309

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It's a GPS Dealzmodo fiesta today! Woot is featuring a Navman ICN 330 GPS for $250. But if that is a little too meh for your likings, especially because it is remanufactured, then Amazon has a quality Garmin GPS unit with a hell of a pricetag. They are offering the StreetPilot C320 GPS Vehicle Navigator for $309. This is supposedly knocked down from a retail price of $750, so well over 50-percent savings. The average customer review gives this unit four out of five stars. This might be the perfect GPS unit if you are going for cheap, but if you want top notch quality, with a decent prize, I would still recommend the TomTom One.


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I bought a C340 on eBay for $400, refurb of course. Same as this model, though, the unit speaks out the street names, and you can have Karen (Aussie) Emily (US) or some other bitch from the UK to talk you through it.

You can also get a dude from Puerto Rico to Englishize your ass with cool directions.

These also take the FM addon for live traffic updates.

The only problem I have with these C3xx series, is the touch screen KB. Its labeled ABCDF, and so on, rather than trying to get in a usablr QWERTY thing going. POOPOO!

Sometimes when I am lonely I put on Aussie Karen and she soothes me home from work. Nice.