Dealzmodo: Holiday Shopping Is Looking Cheaper By the Minute

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We know you didn't have enough with our previous Road to Black Friday deals, so here's another round up with a lot more offers. 22 offers including an LG ME770 for $99 (previously $299), a load of other unlocked cellphones, a Panasonic 40GB Hard Drive camcorder for $250, and headphones, TVs, digital cameras, laptops, and computers, all with up to 62% discounts. Plus a coupon to get a PlayStation 3 for $340 (limited to 800 units).

Digital cameras

Sony Cyber-shot 8.1 Megapixel DigiCam for $199 (originally $257.99).

Pentax Optio Z10 8MP Digital Camera with 7x zoom for $135 (originally $250).

GE G2 8MP Digital Camera for $149.94 (originally $276.32).



Sony PlayStation 3 for $339.99 (originally $499.99 - valid until 10/29. Use coupon code: NC383L9N3B4M45. 800 Units available).


Panasonic 40GB Hard Drive Camcorder for $249.99 (originally $449.95).

Costco is selling a 42-inch 32-inch Westinghouse 720p for $399 (originally $799).

Headphones with up to 62% discounts.

Adaptec Dual TV Tuner for $84.88 (originally $220.99).

LG 8' Portable DVD Player and Digital Photo Frame for $169.99 (originally $229.99).



Asus 3.5 inch PDA Windows Mobile 6.0, with WiFi and bluetooth for $239 (originally $410).



HP Laptop X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor RM-70 for $579.99 (originally $729.99).

Toshiba Satellite Laptop with AMD Turion for $499.99 (originally $649.99).

Dell Studio 15 for $999 (originally $1,287).



Dell XPS M1330 desktop for $949 (originally $1,373).

Dell's Build your own system XPS 630 for $1,099 (originally $1,599).


Unlocked cellphones and cellphone accessories

Nokia Bluetooth headset for $14.99 (originally $34.99).


LG ME770 Unlocked Cell phone for $99.99 (originally $299.99).

Unlocked Nokia E90 Communicator smart phone for $688(originally $1,100).

Unlocked E61i Smartphone (Mocha) for $325.99 (originally $499.99).

Unlocked Nokia E66 Smartphone for $445. (originally $699.99).

Unlocked Motorola ROKR Z6 for $214.27 (originally $599.99).


Stocking fillers

Discounts on Blu-ray discs and 2-for-1 offers.


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Does anyone know if the LG phone uses the mini usb to charge like the motorola slvr and pebl do? I'm looking to replace my oh so skinny motorola L6 and the LG looks about right, but I don't want to go around buying all new car chargers and whatnot.