Dealzmodo: Samsung Blu-Ray Player to Hit $149 on Black Friday

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You might want to hold off on buying a Blu-ray player for a few weeks, because thankfully, finally, seriously, and almost too-latedly, Blu-ray players will soon drop into truly affordable territory. A source close to Ultimate Electronics has told us to expect the Samsung BD-P1500 — usually about $400 — for $149 on this particularly welcome and poignant Black Friday. Ultimate Electronics is a primarily Midwestern chain, but look to be offering this deal in cooperation with Samsung — in other words, it's probably not the only place you'll see stupidly cheap Blu-ray players come November 28th. -Thanks, Carmel and Matt! UPDATE: According to both Samsung and Ultimate Electronics, there will be no such deal for the BD-P1500 on Black Friday, or any known time thereafter. Sorry to burst your bubble!



What the prices of Blu-ray players are dropping despite the lack of competition from HD-DVD?! Shock horror OMG the world is coming to an end.