Dealzmodo: Up to $170 off Old Refurb'd iPods

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The best news for the frugal shopper is when companies release updates to their product line—not because of the new electronic goodness, but because of the clearance of the old products. Apple has done so with their stock of refurbished 30 GB and 60 GB iPod videos and the 2 GB iPod nanos.

The 60 GB video has $170 of instant savings making it available for $229 and the 30 GB video has $120 of instant savings making it $179. The 2 GB nano has $100 in savings, bringing it down to $99. Yes, they may be refurbished, but refurbished gear always gets a bad rap. It simply means the device has already gotten a free check-up.

All of the models are available in black or white, and still include a one-year limited warranty.


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