Dealzmodo: Windows Vista Ultimate for $199

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If you're looking to get a head start on Vista, Newegg has the 32-bit version of Vista Ultimate up for $199. More legit than bittorrent, but a little less legit than retail, this OEM version is supposedly only for OEMs. That doesn't stop Newegg, or you, from getting one for yourself. Quite a good deal, seeing as the retail version of Vista Ultimate is $379, and the upgrade is $249.

Product Page [Newegg - Thanks Adam!]

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I'm about to buy the OEM edition here in NZ tomorrow, but just to check first...

If I install it one day on a new computer and wipe the install on my old PC (not that anyone would ever know anyways), will it work? Or will it fail the activation because it's a different PC to the one this OEM edition was first registered to?

Thanks very much!!