Dear Fitbit Users, Kudos On the 30 Minutes of "Vigorous Sexual Activity" Last Night

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Fitbit users beware: The details of your sexual tryst last night—all vigorous, 15 minutes of it (21 calories burned!)—has probably been broadcast for all the Internet to see.

But wait a moment. First of all, Fitbit‐what is it? Basically, it's an online exercise and calorie tracking service that logs data via a transmitter device.

When it comes time to get busy, however, it doesn't make much sense to be wearing the device (or anything, really), so the service allows users to manually enter data and guesstimate their "workout" with phrases like "vigorous effort" and "light kissing" (which is the most sensitive-yet-fat-burning kind there is).


I did a quick Google search just now and there were 12 pages worth of results. Some of you are quite active! Best change your profile settings from their default and incredibly voyeuristic "public" setting to something a bit more modest...or maybe you knew the whole time? [The Next Web]

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Hmm... sitting quietly and watching TV burns more than twice the amount of calories as active, vigorous sex? Something seems off there...or maybe they're just not doing it right?

-IMP ;) :)