Death Toll Rises to 26 in LA Train Crash: Engineer May Have Been Text Messaging at the Time

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The NTSB is currently investigating whether or not text messaging may have played a part in the tragic head-on Metrolink train collision last Friday in LA that has claimed 26 lives. So far, they have confirmed that the engineer, who was among those killed, failed to stop at the final red signal. However, two teens have come forward saying that they received text messages from him shortly before the incident. Yeah, that sounds creepy—but the teens claim that they befriended the engineer after expressing interest in his work, often contacting him with questions about his job. Obviously, making judgments about whether or not text messaging was behind the crash is a bit premature at this point—but phone records from both the teens and the engineer will go a long way in determining a cause. But one thing is certain—had the proper safety technology been in place, the train would have automatically stopped when it did not respond to the signal. [SFGate Image via LA Times]