Decoding The Hidden Meaning Beneath Twilights Were-Wig

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A new set video shows the ever-changing wigs of the actors on New Moon, and we try to figure out what it all means. Any man may easily do harm, but not every man can rock this hair.

Who really knows what happens between the teen stars of the Twilight franchise and the crew on the set of New Moon, but we suspect that if this behind-the-scenes video had a bit more dialog, it would go a little something like this...

Taylor Lautner: "So what's my motivation?"

(Director) Chris Weitz: "You just got a haircut. Do you feel it?"

Taylor Lautner: "Yeah, okay."

Chris Weitz: "How does it feel?"

Taylor Lautner: "Lighter."

Chris Weitz: "Good. Now go to that place in your soul and capture it. You've been living under the harsh yoke of long hair for years, and then the scissors came in. It's a metaphor for your soul. You're free, you must run and show Bella... Wait, what? Robert's here? Gotta go."


End Scene


[Via Kyle And Jackieo]