Illustration for article titled Deconstructed DSi Reveals Beefier Processor Might Be Draining Battery Life

When the DSi specs were first revealed in front of the Nintendo money vault this past October, we noticed the battery life of the DS line went from "pretty awesome" to "WTF?" The brighter, larger screens were initially blamed for the 1-6 hour drop, but a field stripped DSi we discovered today hints the drain might be due to a beefier processor and speakers housed within.The beefing up arrives, apparently, because of Nintendo's multimedia plans concerning the portable—mainly the new sound, video and photo manipulation features. "The markings on the CPU package yield no clues about its performance, but my guess is that any ARM9 or ARM11 CPU manufactured in 2007 would have a performance around the 266-533 MHz range," Bunnie says, adding that Linux could have a field day playing around on this system. Hackers, get going! [Bunnie's Blog via MAKE]


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