Defend Towers from Trolls, Put Windows on Your iPad and More

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In the waning weeks of the iPad 2 being the best tablet available, it's time to download some apps to make you still love it. Why not fight off the trolls and throw Windows on your iPad to enjoy this final month together?

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OnLive Desktop: Windows on your iPad. It means you can have Office on your iPad right now, today, and free, which was the promise of the original OnLive Desktop. You can edit documents, run video in PowerPoint presentations and basically do anything that you could if you were using Office on a desktop. You can use a software keyboard for input (which includes a Windows-centric keyboard layout) or hook up a bluetooth keyboard. It also recognizes handwriting, which is a neat trick .Free

Towers N Trolls: As addictive as any Tower Defense game, Kotaku says Towers n Trolls "market it as a different type of tower defense game, Ember Entertainment added an active touchscreen gimmick that allows you to drag mines and exploding barrels across the screen, setting them up on the battlefield to help your towers blow up enemy waves."$5


Storify: It's an app that lets you create a 'social' story by streamlining content from other social networks. Basically, you can grab pictures from Instagram, videos from YouTubes, tweets from Twitter and posts from Facebook and mix 'em all together to tell a coherent story. After you're done, you can share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. Gives you a storytelling ability for social media, basically.Free


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What happened to app deals of the day? Its been about two weeks now since Gizmodo has posted one, it used to be daily.