DeFIBulator, Portable Lie Detector

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There are two ways to describe the DeFIBulator: a portable lie detector, if you're feeling sensational, or a portable tension detector, if you're feeling honest. Developed in Singapore, it purports to measure varying degrees of vibration in someone's voice to 65% accuracy. In case that number still doesn't convince you this is meant to be a party trick, maybe this bit on its usage will:

To train the DeFIBulator to the human voice, ask your subject 3 yes/no questions and then record the voice to establish a baseline. Then ask the real yes/no questions and watch the figure on the screen. Demonochio s nose will grow and his horns will appear. The greater the tension in the voice, the longer his nose and horns will be.


At $49.95, it's not a cheap party trick either, but there's got to be someone out there who'll want it. Bueller? Bueller?

de-FIB-ulator [Gadget Universe, via SCI FI Tech ]

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