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Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant takes us to 1800s Constantinople in a flying sailboat

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Delilah Dirk is a globetrotting adventuress with Indiana Jones' upbringing, Batman's martial training, and a flying sailboat. And she's on a mission to steal a pirate's gold, much to the horror of her new companion, a sharp-tongued Turkish lieutenant.

Erdemoglu Selim is a lieutenant in the Ottoman Janissary corps living in 19th Century Constantinople. Selim spends his days serving the Sultan, making tea (his particular life's passion), and occasionally battling his fellow infantrymen for his salary. But Selim's routine life takes a radical turn when the Janissaries capture the Greek-American adventuress Delilah Dirk.

Delilah tells Selim an incredible tale of her upbringing and combat prowess. When Delilah inevitably escapes and steals one of the Sultan's prized scrolls, Selim is accused of aiding the mysterious foreigner and denounced as a traitor. He soon finds himself on the run with Delilah –- whom he finds at once exasperating and intriguing –- and joins her quest to liberate a pirate's treasure.


Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is a fast-paced adventure story filled with likable characters and lush visuals. Selim may be the straight man to Delilah Dirk's superhuman insanity, but he has a quick enough wit to be as interesting as she is, even if he can't steer her flying boat. And, if for nothing else, Delilah Dirk is a pleasure for creator Tony Cliff's gorgeous renderings of 19th-Century Turkey, with careful attention to the architecture and costumes of his setting. He portrays a place so vibrant that Delilah and her bag of tricks seem slightly more magical, but not the least bit out of place.

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