Dell and Microsoft Are Lovin' the Linux

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All of this recent Linux news sounds like a Telemundo soap opera. Last November, Microsoft pledged support—if not undying amor—for Novell's Suse Linux platform. A week ago, Dell responded to pressure from its customers, and decided to get with Ubuntu ("la cervatilla exhuberante") for desktop and laptop systems designed for consumer use. But then...


Today, Dell said it will support Microsoft and Novell. Not only will it sell enterprise servers with the option of Suse Linux, but it will try to migrate self-administering Linux users over to Suse. Apparently, this isn't considered two-timing on Ubuntu, because Dell's relationship with Suse Linux will be strictly business.

I, for one, am not totally sure about Dell's two-timing. Just take a look at its Linux website, and try to explain where the Ubuntu relationship fits into all of this. Girlfriend, it don't count unless you got a ring on your finger.

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I currently use Ubuntu on a VM with my macbook. I'm very impressed with it. It runs so well on low RAM. I'm going to tinker with my old Dell desktop and turn it into a linux device.