Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Starts at $549

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The Dell Inspiron Mini 12, Dell's upcoming 12-inch netbook, has been priced for the US. The 1.33GHz Atom version with 1GB RAM, 40GB storage, and Vista Home will start at $549. The 1.6GHz version with 60GB storage and 6-cell battery will debut at $599 (or $654 after promo). And if you're interested in the high end version with 80GB hard drive with a 2-year warranty, that'll run you $678 (or $758 after promo). All models are available with white or black lid and will ship in December. At a glance, the $599 model is the only purchase that makes sense. [Dell via Electronista]




Will it be available with Ubuntu? I'd really like to get one, but that's the only way I would. F' Windows.