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Dell Latitude XT2 Specs Revealed

Illustration for article titled Dell Latitude XT2 Specs Revealed

Preliminary specs and a product render for the Dell Latitude XT2 have been released, and appears the convertable tablet will include the Centrino 2 Montevina platform, an integrated optical drive and an eSATA port. The rest appears to be unchanged for the time being. Nothing shocking or revelatory, but the Latitude XT was a nice piece of tech, and I'm equally interested in the XT2. [Engadget]


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I changed my style of life by not buying the end-all be-all laptop recently and went for travel function over luxury and haven't regretted it. This Dell looks nice but I picked up a tx2000z from HP and love it.

Sure the screen isn't as big; but everything actually *works* from the touch screen to the fingerprint reader to the remarkably strong a/b/g/n built in wireless. The convertible touchscreen turns 23 hpm (heads per minute) regardless of the airport I'm in.

I gave up on Dell, they blew it both at work and my personal machines. IMO they're on the cusp of becoming the next Gateway. Not that I'm a huge fanboy of HP; my corporation switched recently from Dell to HP so I gave them a chance and haven't been let down.

Dude, you're not getting a Dell.