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Dell Mini 10 Lands Full Geolocation, Navigation Options

Illustration for article titled Dell Mini 10 Lands Full Geolocation, Navigation Options

Starting next week, Dell Mini 10 netbooks will get a new geolocation option—and not just to foil bad guys. It's a proper A-GPS+Wi-Fi system, complete with CoPilot navigation software and network location services from SkyHook.


Dell's also throwing in the Loki browser plugin for FireFox and IE, which integrates your Mini 10 with their location aware web portal and a few other supported sites, like Flickr, Loopt and Brightkite. The Dell Wireless 700 location solution, as it has been christened, will be available from next week, but pricing options remain to be seen. [Dell]

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Stephen Herron

I have a Dell Mini 9. I replaced the keyboard with the International version (so my apostrophe key would be in the right place). I like it, a lot, but the keyboard is just too small to be practical. I've tried to synch my Apple Bluetooth keyboard to it, but to no avail.

I have been tempted by the 10, but with the upcoming Mini 11, I may wait to see how that one is specced. Being able to upgrade RAM is essential. The 85% sized keyboard would be nicer than the 9's.