Laptop Cop Geo-Locates Stolen Laptops With Wi-Fi

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Previous version of Laptop Cop let you remotely delete (or retrieve) files from a stolen laptop, but the newest feature makes it genuinely worth paying for: Real-time geo-location using just Wi-Fi.

It uses Skyhook, the same Wi-Fi location tech used by the iPhone to triangulate your position against Wi-Fi access points. Convenient, since we're not quite at the stage where laptops have built-in GPS for lojacking (though it's probably not too far off).


Unfortunately, for now it only works on Windows computers (booo), but if you have a habit of losing your laptop, $50 is pretty cheap for a chance to find out where it lands.

wareness Technologies Upgrades Laptop Cop with Skyhook Wireless Real-time Geo-Location

Wi-Fi Positioning Enhances Security of Laptop Theft Recovery Software

LOS ANGELES, CA and BOSTON, MA – December 3, 2008 - Awareness Technologies and Skyhook Wireless announced today the release of Laptop Cop with real-time geo-location. The Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) from Skyhook Wireless adds a powerful new set of features to Laptop Cop, making it the most comprehensive and effective laptop protection software in the industry.

"We deliver real laptop protection, not just ping for an IP address like our competitor," emphasized Peter Fuhrman, a founder of Awareness Technologies. "We give laptop owners the valuable features they've long wanted, of being able to remotely retrieve or delete files, monitor and control what a thief does with the stolen laptop, and now, thanks to our partnership with Skyhook Wireless, find out in real-time where the laptop is located, with a higher degree of accuracy than GPS. This is a game-changer in the software market."

"Adding WPS to Laptop Cop will provide owners with fast, accurate information on the location of the stolen device, even when it's inside or in an urban area. It works like a true homing beacon that helps locate stolen laptops and get them back to their rightful owners," said Michael Shean, vice president of business development at Skyhook Wireless.

Laptop Cop works on any Windows laptop, whether newly-bought, or already in use. It is available now through Dell Computer's main website, or direct from Awareness Technologies, at The software operates in an undetectable stealth mode, activating only when a laptop is lost or stolen. Its multi-layered functions, including geo-location and remote file-retrieval, go beyond encryption and IP-pinging so owners can truly protect their laptops, and all the contents.

Skyhook Wireless has pioneered the development of WPS, the Wi-Fi positioning system. WPS uses Wi-Fi to determine precise location of laptops and mobile devices, regardless of environment, in order to support always-available and always-accurate positioning. Skyhook's technology is deployed on tens of millions of devices and applications.

"More and more people are switching to laptops, both for business and home use," explained Awareness Technologies' Fuhrman. "Increased mobility and convenience, however, brings with it increased risk of laptop theft or loss. Laptop Cop is a must-have for anyone with a laptop or contents worth protecting."


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