Dell, Others to Support New VESA DisplayPort PC Interface

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Dell, HP and Lenovo have announced their support for the new PC display port standard, the DisplayPort from the Video Electronic Standards Association. This new video port, which has legacy support for DVI 1.0, is intended to help solve the problem of displays sucking up too much electricity and should benefit the next generation of displays. DisplayPort can also be used to make internal connections, eliminating the need to translate signals from one format to another. The DisplayPort also employs what the PR folks call "micro-packet architecture," leading to "innovations" (loaded word alert!) in the future.

Additionally, the new display standard is designed to let Windows Vista be all that it can be, supporting Microsoft's endlessly delayed operating system's ability to drive higher and higher resolutions. The PC manufacturers expect to use the DisplayPort in a variety of products, including PC monitors, projectors and TV displays, among the other brave new frontiers of display technology.


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