Dell XPS Gaming Desktop Goes Radical

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Something good has gotten into Dell. At E3 it gave us a sneak peek at its next-generation XPS gaming desktop, with an aluminum case that comes with either red or black accents, and leans forward as if it's encountering a stiff wind. Gone is the stodgy fogey-ish design of previous Dell cases, replaced with a post-industrial gridlike design with user-controllable lighting in your choice of seven colors. Dell has always been expert at thermal engineering, and it credibly touts the quietude of this upcoming workstation as well.

Nice. It's about time Dell hired a designer or two. Looks like some friendly "co-opetition" with its new purchase, Alienware. This we gotta see. Check out the sneak peek site with its eerie music and spooky graphics.


Dell XPS Sneak Peek Site