Illustration for article titled Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set Lets You Pew Pew Pew Till You Can Pew No More

If you're going to wage war on your fellow cubicle jockeys, then there are worse ways to do it than using the Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set—take it from me, stapling my boss's ear to the office notice board didn't win me any influential new friends when I worked the phones at the Acme Sex Chat Co. One pack consists of two blasters, to each of which you can add on a barrel extender and a scope. You can play it as a lone wolf in Deathmatch mode, and Team Play allows for two lots of gladiators to blast hell out each other. There's a how-to (zap your colleagues) video after the jump, plus price and a bit more info.

The LCD screen shows you how much ammo you've got left, as well as keeping score of how many times you've been hit. You can set the blaster to either single-shot or automatic mode and it runs on three AA batteries. Price for a pair of blasters is $49.99. [ThinkGeek]


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