Demand 100% From Your Comics This Week

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Never mind new issues, this week's new releases is all about the collections of some great - and some less than great - runs of favorite comics. Oh, and the return of Dazzler, as well.


If you really want to ignore collections in favor of single issues, there're really only four new launches worth paying attention to this week, and they all have movie and/or TV connections.

Marvel's Rampaging Wolverine is an oddity; a pretend issue of an imaginary series that would, theoretically, have been published in the 1970s, but starring Marvel's most lucrative mutant.

You're on much safer ground with IDW's Terminator Salvation Movie Adaptation #0, a prologue to the comic version of the next chapter in Skynet's plan to take over the world of media.

TV, meanwhile, is well represented with Dynamite's Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five (Apparently about the history of our favorite five cylons) and Boom!'s latest Farscape series, Strange Detractors.

However, I'd be remiss if I didn't really point you in the direction of some of the great trade-paperback collections hitting stores tomorrow. J. Michael Stracynski's first attempt at Watchmen-influenced superheroics, Rising Stars gets a complete compendium from Image. Image is also releasing a collection of the "Hellboy but without the sense of foreboding" fun series Perhapanauts.

Marvel Comics, meanwhile, is putting out a hardcover of the surprisingly successful (and surprisingly fun) Marvel Apes, along with a new collection of the first year of the original Exiles series that crosses the X-Men and Sliders into one new reality-hopping idea.


Meanwhile, DC is doing its bit for the good of comics with 100%, a new hardcover edition of comic genius Paul Pope's most coherent and complete work to date; I'm going to be writing more about this tomorrow, but I've gone on about my love for this story already and can definitely say that, if you haven't read this before, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. It's easily the comic release of the week, if not the month.

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(Runner-up for that title? Essential Dazzler Volume 2. It's nowhere near as good as 100% - or even that good at all, really - but the 1980s comics featuring Marvel's Disco Diva - who only got her own series after the disco fad had faded - has a weird charm all of its own. For those seeking camp romance comics with added angst and fights, this is definitely for you.)

All of these books and more can be found on the complete shipping list of what's making it to stores this week, and once you've worked your way through that, you'll want to head to the Comic Book Store Locator Service to find out where to find such fine pictorial entertainment. Just remember: Paul Pope and I both say that 100% is a must for your shopping list.




I have to say the first two issues of DC's Rebels with Vril Dox have been kick ass. Issue 3 comes out this week and is at the top of my read pile.