So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn't possibly cover it all. Mostly because much of it isn't worth covering! But here are a some borderline tidbits we passed on, just in case.


Colorware Sinks Its Uglifying Mitts into Sennheiser

I've come to accept that nothing can escape the tacky clutches of Colorware. Even so, I never expected Sennheiser cans to be the next to go. This is like some horrible zombie movie where even the kindly old priest gets bitten and you throw your remote at the TV because honestly did you have to cross that line? Did you? DID YOU???[Born Rich]

PowerBike Simulates What Stimulates on the Trail

The PowerBike recreates real-world conditions by shaking and such, which is neat except it's been around for a while and is pretty pro-grade stuff (and cost). Mostly we're just sharing it here so you can enjoy this introductory video, which makes no sense in the way that the most wonderfulest things often don't. [PowerBike]


GameStop Now Selling Tablets You Don't Want

GameStop seems to have backed down for now from the threat of building a tablet of its own, which is a disappointment in terms of the hilarity factor. Instead, the company's stores will sell a slop of Android tabs that are all kind of gross, pre-loaded with games like Madden and Dead Space. Whatever Achievement they were going for, safe to say it's still locked. [Geeky Gadgets]


Google-YouTube Acquisition Negotiations Went Down at Denny's

Of course they did. In honor of such, here's the first result returned when you search YouTube for "Denny's." Even better: it's Halloween and Oakland-themed, making it a perfect distillation of today's holiday and last week's biggest news story. Enjoy. [TechCrunch]


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