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Design and Detonate a Simulated Fireworks Show With No Risk of Injury

If you ask someone what their favorite toy was growing up they'll probably say something like Lego. But deep down, it was really the illegal fireworks their friend's cousin's uncle got from his neighbor. Nothing can quite match the thrill of something going boom, and now amateur pyrotechnics enthusiasts can safely scratch that itch with software that lets you simulate a full-on fireworks extravaganza.

How we survived our childhoods with all of our fingers intact is a minor miracle, but there's no risk of losing a limb with Rondomedia's latest simulator. Instead of flying planes or driving construction equipment, you have a giant catalog of explosives at your fingertips letting you design an entire fireworks show that can even be synced to music using a timeline editor.


The simulated results can be viewed from multiple camera angles, and shared with other people who've dropped $10 on this PC-only software. You won't get that satisfying smell of smoke when the show is over, but with a decent enough sub-woofer you'll probably be able to recreate those giant bangs which are half the reason you started playing with fireworks as a kid. [Rondomedia via The Awesomer]

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