Design Concept: iPod Concerto Table

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The iPod Concerto Table is for those rich but untalented folk who like pianos but have no idea how to play them. This design concept by Lovegrove and Respucci, displayed at one of the Apple stores in New York (not The One on Fifth Avenue) last weekend, is shaped like a piano and has a dock for your iPod and a couple of amplified speakers flush-mounted underneath the lid. It's multifunctional, too, where you can use it as a desk and when you're done, stash your laptop underneath that lid.


With this table, Lovegrove and Respucci say you'll be able to enjoy the "dramatic presence that a piano offers an interior." But this is not really a piano, so maybe it's not really that dramatic.

Designer's Page [Lovegrove and Respucci, via The Cool Hunter]