Design Nerd Ice Cube Tours an Eames House

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I will bet you several internet points that you didn't know Ice Cube was an architecture student before he started rapping! Correct—the dude is a true renaissance man. Watch him geek out over The Eames House.

The video, meant to highlight LA as an architecture capital rather than aesthetic hell, takes Cube to the Eames' Case Study House No. 8, which they designed as a home and studio for themselves. Cube loves the resourcefulness the Eames deployed with their use of materials, the meticulous attention to form, and perhaps best of all, the structure's respect for its natural setting. "This is going green 1949 style bitch—beliedat." I do beliedat. You could make some kind of ponderous argument about how his respect for architecture shaped his career as a lyricist, but really, let's just bask in the awesomeness that is Ice Cube talking modernism. Cube, you are officially forgiven for Are We There Yet? [PST via DailyWhat]