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"Design Object" Single Serve Coffee Maker; Translation: It's Small and White

The WMF 1 is a coffee pad/pod/whatever-based single-serve coffee machine, which integrates your cup into its minimalist cubic design that's not much bigger than a couple of books. The cliche Mac-whiteness can be livened up with your choice of four colors for the lining. Exciting, I know. After dumping in the water and pressing a button, it only takes a minute to brew your coffee.


Personally, I prefer a French press, which is equally minimalist and probably brews better coffee, if you know what you're doing. No price for the WMF 1 yet, but minimalist + white = not cheap.

Product Page [WMF via Nerd Approved]

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For those of you looking for more versatility, I HIGHLY recommend the Flavia beverage system. It's a single-serving maker which uses sealed foil pouches, pressing hot water and steam through them to make some great-tasting coffees, teas, cocoa, chai, and well-being (lemon, raspberry, blueberry, etc) drinks.

The great thing about it is that the water goes in the top of the packet, and the drink comes out the bottom of it. Then you throw the packet away. Nothing ever touches the machine itself, so you very rarely have to clean it. Once every few weeks, you wipe it with a damp paper towel. It even has a built-in water filter that lasts about five months. Oh, and you can brew directly into a tall glass (of ice) or a tall travel cup.

I actually bought one for my desk at work; it's that much fun, and that simple to maintain. The machine is only about $99, and the beverages are of the highest quality you can get from a single-serve machine (it's way better than Senseo or Keurig). The packets are a little more expensive than regular coffee (the only down side), but I buy them bulk at… , and it saves me a lot of money.

Geez, a couple more paragraphs, and I should put this on my blog. Sorry to rant, but I really love my Flavia. It's just a nice break during the day, and I never tire of seeing it do its thing. It's every geek's ideal coffee maker. Check it out.