A reliable source just sent us this list with the 12 new phones that Verizon will release this shopping season, along with an approximate timeframe. It includes Android and other phones from HTC, Motorola, LG, RIM, Casio and Pantech:

• RIM BlackBerry Curve 2, before Black Friday
• RIM BlackBerry Storm 2, before Black Friday
HTC Imagio, on October 20
• Samsung Saga 2, early November
Samsung Omnia 2, early November
• Pantech TXT8030 Razzle, early October
• Casio C731 Rock, mid-November
• Casio C741 Brigade, late October
• Motorola V860 Barrage, "soon" (it's already available online in Verizon)
LG VX8575 Chocolate Touch, first or second week of November


On the Android front:
HTC Desire, which will be available before Black Friday. Note: This may be the Verizon Android phone sighted today, though Boy Genius says that might be called the Hero.

Motorola Tao or Droid (possibly the phone currently codenamed Sholes?) will also be available before Black Friday.


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