Diamond-Encrusted, Solid 24k Gold Hearing Aid? Say What?

Illustration for article titled Diamond-Encrusted, Solid 24k Gold Hearing Aid? Say What?

As if we weren't sick and tired enough of the whole diamond-encrusted solid gold bling craze that's going on right now, this Widex diamond-encrusted solid 24-carat gold hearing aid beats all, giving new meaning to the term "golden ears." You know, we don't even like to use the word "bling." Shit, now we've used it again. Anyway, apparently the proprietors of such a product optimistically hope that hearing-impaired people can be deaf and literally dumb, too.

Look at it, festooned with 220 diamonds to be worn by pathetic, cash-soaked and deaf fops with more money than brains. All that's left is to quote the price that some damnfool sucker will pay for this over-the-top golden hearing aid and its controller. It's £25,000, or $49,590 if there are any Americans stupid enough to bite. Please, no. Don't. [PC News]

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