Dicota Beat Mini Gamepad for Road Warriors

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If you're looking to take your PC gaming on the road but haven't found a conveniently sized game controller, the Dicota Beat Mini Gamepad might do the trick. It's designed in a compact form factor that folds up into a clamshell and weighs just 1.76 ounces.


It's built with serious fraggers in mind, too, with a rubberized nonslip finish. Even though it's improbably small at less than 2 inches square, it even has vibration feedback. But at that diminutive size, it might just be too small for us laptop gamers with large hands. Look for it in June for around €22.90, or about 30 bucks.

Dicota Beat, a Tiny Gamepad for your Notebook [Coolest Gadgets]



I like the concept but these small devices are no good for my large meat gloves. A colleague of mine uses a mouse that looks very similar to this, and im almost 100% positive that i could swallow the thing whole without so much as flinching its so damn small. and yes, when its a slow work day, my mind does wander to such activities...