Did a Meteorite Really Kill a Woman and Destroy Some Buildings In Argentina?

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Some media is reporting that a meteorite or a piece of a satellite struck a woman in Monte Grande, Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing her and injuring eight. Witnesses say that they saw a blue ball of fire striking a house:

My daughter's bedroom is on the front and she told me that, when she opened the window after smelling gunpowder, she saw how fireballs coming from the sky and there she saw the explosion that reached my son-in-law on his leg.

Another woman says that she was sleeping when she heard the "impressive noise". She woke up around 2AM today because she heard a "high pitch noise" and, a few seconds later, she felt an explosion that shattered her house:

When I went out I saw fire coming from above, of light blue. It wasn't the color of a normal fire, it was all of sky blue.


A young man claims that he has captured the meteor on his mobile phone. The picture—shown on the top—doesn't seem like the straight trajectory of a meteor or a piece of space junk. It looks more like this imbecile decided to make a fake photo photographing a moving piece of burning wood in the middle of the night.

The police, however, believes this is all a case of mass hysteria driven by the photo and the recent news of the NASA satellite that crashed in the Pacific last Saturday. They went through the rubble to discover a "gas 45-kilogram gas tube, part of some pipe and a [pizza] oven destroyed." The fire department declared that the explosion was enormous.


Still, they are not dismissing any possibility. Buenos Aires security minister Ricardo Casal says that "they can't discard anything, all the versions are possible, the shockwave was huge and the gas deposits didn't explode." Right now, their "scientific police" is still going through the evidence. [Clarin]