Did Harry Potter Demand Just Take Down the Amazon Kindle Store? (Updated)

Just hours after all of the Harry Potter books were finally made available on the Kinde, the Amazon Kindle Store is experiencing some difficulties. Did fanatical Harry Potter fans rushing to download ebooks cause the outage? It seems plausible.

Though you can navigate the Kindle Store, most titles are unavailable for purchase. Interestingly, several of the Harry Potter books are available (presumably because they're most in demand and Amazon wanted them up and available before anything else). We don't know when these problems cropped up, but the store's official Twitter account went silent shortly after the Harry Potter announcement. Without knowing the exact cause of the outage, it's not hard to imagine that the collision of Harry Potter and Amazon might just be enough to rattle the network. Amazon has been unavailable for comment on the whole matter. [The Verge]


It seems that the store is slowly creeping back to life. You can now buy titles across the store, but several remain unavailable.

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