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Did the lead singer from Blink 182 just make the next scifi indie smash?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rock group Angels & Airwaves' Tom DeLonge (formerly of Blink 182) produced and created the music for the spacey film Love. The movie's about a astronaut stuck alone on a space station, and the visuals are remarkable.


While the plot of Love smacks of Duncan Jones' Moon, we're still very interested in its gorgeous calamity of visuals. In the short trailer we've seen from director and writer Will Eubank, we've spied WW2 soldiers, a Civil War scene, celestial creations, and more. Plus, the music is pretty gripping (something I was earlier dreading when I first read of A&A's involvement, I was wrong it's lovely). Love premieres at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. And yes, there will be a soundtrack release on March 22.



After losing contact with Earth, astronaut Lee Miller becomes stranded in orbit alone aboard the International Space Station. As time passes and life support systems dwindle, Lee battles to maintain his sanity - and simply stay alive. His world is a claustrophobic and lonely existence, until he makes a strange discovery aboard the ship. Driven by the powerful music of Angels & Airwaves, Love explores the fundamental human need for connection and the limitless power of hope. A high-impact visual adventure, that resonates a common truth, that everyone has a story to tell and something even greater to leave behind.

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

We're absolutely in love with this adorable superhero couple. Just read the synopsis — "In ancient China, a husband and wife, both of them retired superheroes, contend with the high cost of living, infertility, and other contemporary life issues." Director Vincent Kok's movie will be released in Hong Kong in February, and we will keep everyone up to date on any future stateside screenings!


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Black Velvet

We honestly have no idea what is going on in this film. But it's filled with actors that we kind of remember, and we like the cut of its jib. For now, all we have to go on is this short synopsis and the hyper-cut trailer.


A young couple wreak murderous havoc on a number of small towns in a dystopian future.