Did You Mean Battleship?

Illustration for article titled Did You Mean Battleship?

Hey, look at that! It's Google being funny in a print ad.

This AdWords ad was originally spotted in Turkey, and wins my heart with one excellent visual pun. Fun fact: searching for battlesheep will get you over 15,000 results, with no alternate suggestions. Rightly so! If only all mistyped queries resulted in this much fun. [Copyranter]


I would love to make a Google suggestion.. So many times I find myself using Google as a spell check since Photoshop doesn't have it. When I type an attempt at spelling a word, Google will correct it with a "did you mean?" I would love it if there was a box with the correct spelling that you could click to automatically copy the correctly spelled word to your clipboard. I can't be the only one out there that uses google as a spell checker.