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Did Your Company Get Kicked Out of CES (and Not Get to Show Us Your Cool Stuff)?

Illustration for article titled Did Your Company Get Kicked Out of CES (and Not Get to Show Us Your Cool Stuff)?

DailyTech reports that a number of companies with tiny budgets who resorted to the survival tactic of showing their new gear at hotel suites around Vegas during CES were kicked out of hotel rooms they paid for by CES's organizers.


One company was reportedly ordered to pay a $10,000 exhibition fee to the CEA, the organization behind CES, in order to continue showing their products in their hotel suite.

If you're one of the companies who got booted, we'd like you to pitch us your new stuff, so we know we didn't miss you because of the CEA. [DailyTech]

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Of ALL the hotels in Vegas, the Venetian is one that has no right to do this. This place hosts the Adult Entertainment Expo at the same time as CES - and the place is an odd mix of porn workers and suits visiting CES.

All I can think of is that these rooms were somehow assigned to floors reserved for CES exhibitors. If not, then both the Venetian and the CEA have some serious explaining to do.

Thankfully the place will once again be a ghost town once the CES moves out of town, and news like this will ensure that people go to the Wynn or Aria next time instead of the overpriced and fairly bland Venetian.