Didn't Get Anything From Santa This Year? Here's Why

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Didn't get any gifts from Santa this year? I think I know why. You see, last year a boy wanted to get some revenge on the old man in red and—well, let's just say it wasn't pretty.

At least now we know how to extort the Easter bunny for whatever we didn't find under our Christmas trees. [Jim Benton via The High Definite]

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The story is missing some details. Santa´s sled can carry unlimited weight as has been proven over the ages.

Also Santa would not be so singleminded as to buy weightlifting equipment for all who wanted it, He has a final say in what you get.

The debris that rained down on Cleveland was a clever decoy. As we all know now, by means of NORAD, Santa cuccessfully deployed his 2010 campaign. Apart from NORAD, billions witnessed Santa in some form in the past 24 hours, bringing hapiness to many.

And grief to a little boy who found out he´d been had by the nose.

Marry Christmass to all, including the little boy.