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The Digg app for iOS has been around for a while, but until now, Android users have been left out of the fun. No longer. Digg for Android is here.


What does it do?

It's a combination between Digg's top stories page and Digg's minimalist RSS reader. Setup is a breeze because it pulls all of your saved account information from your Digg account. No need to reauthorize the app.


Why do we like it?

Like all of Digg's other products, it's fast and clean. We love two-tone layoutDigg's story selection is always spot-on. Plug in your RSS and you'll never short of something to read. And the app works so well, that you might actually spend some time reading on it.

Digg, Download this app for: Android, Free

The Best: Easy reader

The Worst: Doesn't pull in Instapaper bookmarks (yet). We hope that's the direction this'll go, since Digg's parent Betaworks bought Instapaper a few months ago.


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