Digg T-Shirt Says 'Bury Me'

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Click to viewCan't get enough of digg.com? Put your plea for diggs front and center with this T-shirt from NerdyShirts. Check out this toolish dude wearing the shirt with his strategically placed laptop and strained expression. WTF is he doing, anyway? One thing's for sure, he's begging to be buried. Not exactly the shirt to wear to the singles bar, Mr. Nerdy Pants.


As for the $20 shirt, at least they could have inscribed 4521 diggs on there instead of just the loneliest number, 1. The irony is that most people will have no idea what this shirt means and the other tiny percentage who do probably won't be impressed with its low indicator of popularity. Now if that number would just go higher every time someone poked you in the chest, NerdyShirts would be onto something here.

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"toolish dude"?

He looks like you guys.