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Digital Cams Still Haven't Caught Up to Film's Resolution: Does it Matter?

Illustration for article titled Digital Cams Still Havent Caught Up to Films Resolution: Does it Matter?

Lenses being equal, a large format 8x10 piece of film can capture the equivalent of 800 Megapixels. Just saying. But does it matter? Discuss!


Gizmodo '79 is a week-long celebration of gadgets and geekdom 30 years ago, as the analog age gave way to the digital, and most of our favorite toys were just being born.

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In the end, it boils down to bang per buck, and there's where digital wins. even if 35mm film has a better dynamic range and resolution than my 35mm sensor, when i account the 10K+ frames i shoot a year, Digital wins because it gives me something that is more than good enough for my needs at a MUCH lower cost. (And faster too)