Digital Mapping Tech Reveals UK Monopoly's "Go" Square is By London Eye

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Before Nintendo-branded Monopoly sets came out, everyone used to play the same set that's been around for 75 years now, featuring famous London (or Atlantic City!) locations. If you've ever wondered where the UK "Go" is "located," here's the answer:

Using the Ordnance Survey's digital mapping technology, Hasbro discovered that the location for the "Go" square for the UK board is actually right by a very famous London landmark—albeit, one which wasn't around 75 years ago, let alone 11 years ago.


On either side of the Monopoly square (or circle, if you're playing on the new 75-year anniversary set), lies Old Kent Road and Mayfair, and as it turns out, the South Bank at Queen's Walk promenade, right by the London Eye, is smack-bang in the middle of them. [The Telegraph]


Image Credit: Billaday

UPDATE: Who knew a board game could be so contentious? I wasn't actually aware that the UK version came out in the same year as the Atlantic City one—apologies, Americans.