Digital Skeleton Scares New Yorkers into Heeding Speed Limit

How do you encourage drivers to stay safe on the road? STARTLE THEM WITH SKELETONS! At least, thats New York City's plan, which is deploying a fleet of new speed limit signs with a speed-activated skeleton warning.

Drivers who cruise by the new signs will see the standard sideways-walking-pedestrian-guy turn into a LED skeleton if they pass the legal limit of 30 MPH. What happens if they hit 40? A pile of pixelated guts? If they're only driving 10 MPH, does the sign give them the finger? "Who knows whether it's going to save a life?," commented NY Mayor Bloomberg. "But at least we're trying to save lives rather than just sitting around and complaining and saying people should." Well then I guess I should just shut my big mouth then. [NYT via Jalopnik, Laughing Squid]


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