Digital Wall Calendar Combines Everyone's Calendars In One Gadget

The Digital Wall Calendar combines calendars for every member of a family, no matter what program or website they are on, into one gadget. Still a concept, the brainstorming map shows that it will use an LCD screen, SD card, have music/movie playing abilities, and an internet connection for synchronization. The development of this device is interesting, too.

The idea is the first finalist picked by the members of CrowdSpirit, a new gadget-by-committee project. The community has made some changes to the original idea, such as leaving out an expensive touchscreen, but overall they are very enthusiastic about its potential. All that's left now for this concept is the software, hardware, and design experts, as well as investors, to turn it into something more than words and drawings on a page.[Digital Wall Calendar on CrowdSpirit]


This is a must for organizing angry kids, wet cats, and naked football players into one easy to use device.