Director's Custom Gulfstream Includes Flying Home Theater

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One anonymous director's new home theater is actually aboard a Gulfstream III. He'll reportedly use it to screen movies while zipping from coast to coast. The 42-inch screen is the largest HD LCD monitor ever installed on a Gulfstream.

On top of that, there's also a host of other goodies, including multiple Blu-ray players, satellite TV, cabin mood lighting (three separate zones, naturally) and electronically controlled window shades—for using one's hand to perform such mundane tasks would be to dwell to long in the land of the Luddites.


When the next blockbuster isn't being screened for Mr. Anonymous and his guests, there's iPod docking stations for music, ports for computer video (the next YouTube star isn't going to find themselves!) and several 20-inch/10.2-inch HD screens for personal use.

Presumably, this man can also make whatever cellphone calls he wants while in the air. [Born Rich]