Illustration for article titled DirecTV Sat-Go Impressions (How Much is TV Anywhere Worth to You?)

Earl of DBStalk really loves TV. He (and people like him) is the reason why DirecTV invented this 26-pound satellite TV box that lets you get satellite television anywhere. If you're asking yourself who would actually lug this thing around when they go camping, vacationing, or traveling, you're obviously not in the target "8 hours of TV a day" audience.

The LCD unit connects to the satellite receiver, which also has additional inputs in case you're carrying around a PS3 or an Xbox 360 with you as well. Head over to dbstalk to get more impressions of what you'd get with this system. On the bright side, Earl says the briefcase has a "James Bond" feel to it, which unfortunately gets washed away as soon as you pull out the TV and start watching Two and a Half Men.


Sat-Go First Look [Dbstalk]

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