Disco Turns YouTube Into Your Own Personal Music Library

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YouTube's got millions of songs on its servers, and now, thanks to Vevo, a hefty slice of them are totally aboveboard. In DIsco, YouTube's built an official, media-player-like front-end for all this music, with a Pandora-like discovery tool.


Disco's playlisting functionality is still a bit limited, and it's hard to tell what metrics are driving the music recommendation service, which isn't nearly as astute as Last.fm's or Pandora's. And since this is YouTube, there's a very real risk that whatever song you think has been added to your playlist could be the Alp1ne Techno-y0del remixXx of said song. But it's a minor tradeoff, because good god, YouTube has everything. [YouTube Disco via Sillicon Alley Insider]