Moderation made easier with AutoMod!

AutoMod will no doubt be a welcome support for Discord’s moderators, who have been struggling to fight against abuse for years. At one point, they even developed their own guerrilla mechanisms, such as containment rooms or bots, to fight raids from destructive users and trolls.


As many of the perpetually online know, moderators and admins are key in internet communities, and Discord is launching two new resources for these users, including the Discord Community Resources “educational center,” the company explained. The center will be a blog featuring articles from “experienced community leaders,” with the aim to teach mods and admins how to build, engage, and grow their servers.

In addition, Discord will also launch a new “Admin Community” for mods and admins, run by the company itself, to help them chat and connect.

Lastly, Discord also had some news on premium memberships, a feature that allows a community’s creators and owners to put their server behind a paid subscription. More and more influencers are using Discord to connect with fans, and the chat platform has become a hub of the cryptocurrency community. Testing on premium memberships began with a small number of servers in December, but will be expanding to more servers this summer, the company said.

Update 6/16/2022, 11:35 a.m. ET: This post has been updated with additional information about Discord’s AutoMod tool.